Thursday, October 15, 2015

Putting the “Co” in CEO

Some of the best businesses on the planet do not have a single CEO. They recognize that the complexity of the modern world requires deep collaboration, especially in the C-suite. Many conscious businesses now have Co-CEOs. They have Co-Founders. They have Co-Managing Directors.

To that end, I would like to announce our new
Co-CEO for Conscious Capitalism DC Chapter (DCCC), Willis Victory. Willis and I have formed not only a partnership this year but a true friendship. He is a man I admire and respect. We are aligned on our core values and higher purpose. As a successful investor and businessman, Willis brings a lot of horsepower to the table. Beyond that, he resonates fully with what we are doing in the DCCC. He is a big thinker (I love that). And he executes. He delivers. He makes things happen.

Here are a few things that Willis sees as he comes into the DCCC:

  • Expansion of Conscious Capitalism nationally and globally
  • Bringing in capital contribution’s, investor's, politicians, celebrity endorsements, athlete’s, musician’s and array of support
  • Upholding true capitalism
  • Building a hedge fund for conscious capitalism and an investing fund to invest in small businesses
  • Implementing a huge youth movement and programs for the youth to engage in to better prepare their financial future and other dreams that may be on their horizon
Together, with the leadership that Willis brings, the DCCC will be:
  • Hosting conferences (resort-like getaways) as Conscious Retreat’s
  • Expanding into media markets, film and television and also hosting some of the most prestigious events on the planet (we currently have Jennifer Lopez, Carlos Santana, Roberto Duran, Felix Trinindad, Victor Ortiz, Shakira, just to name a few)
  • Implementing influential strategic alliances
  • Building a platform for global trade within the organization
I am extremely honored to have Willis Victory as the Co-President of Conscious Capitalism DC Chapter. On behalf of all our members and supporters, I would like to welcome him to our organization.

The DCCC is a membership based society of business professionals, freethinking entrepreneurs, non-profits, lawmakers, and community leaders that are principle-centered and are driven by the desire to make a positive, measurable difference in the world. We are committed to the elevation of humanity through business by engaging in think tanks, mastermind session, strategic relationships, incubators, mentorship, and community empowerment events.

We are in the business of building business networks into a community of like-minded individuals who adhere to the Conscious Capitalist business model and operate from shared values. If you live in the DC area and have an interest in the DCCC organization, we would love to connect with you. Please visit our website for more information here.

With Intent!